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You learn the skill without learning the business.
The mistake #Nigeria government and thousands of people around the world are making is thinking learning skills will make you rich. How? Shocking response; skill has never made anyone rich. Skill can only help you to add value to yourself. Nothing more. You got to learn the business of getting skills.
We are now use to the dirty mantra, go get a skill, after that, we return back to our old lives. Nobody taught us how to translate the skills you got to wealth. Getting education is also the same problem. The lecturer teaches you theoretical and you got more confused after not getting jobs after graduation. The reason is; you learn the skill and you don’t learn the business of the skill.
Skill or education is first, learning the acts which is the business is second. Let unravel it,
Those that get the job or get started learn the act of;
Writing a good CV
Networking people
Meeting customers
Looking for smarter people to become their sales rep
Strategic marketing
Understanding money making funnels
Attending seminars and trainings
Designing new concepts
Disrupting traditions
Creating and defining business models etc
You can see why I still get shocked when people call me farmer. It is not about going to clear lands or starting a business. owning farms doesn’t make me a farmer.
When you learn fashion, tailoring, carpentry, catering or shoe- turn It into a brand, build a biz around it.

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