What attributes is your Boss looking out for in you as a 21st century employee?


What attributes is your Boss looking out for in you as a 21st century employee?

As an employee, your employer and boss envisage your possesses enterprising skills and attributes to either make more money or bring more clients to the company.

This can’t be achieved except you change tactics and position yourself strategically.

If you are not an entrepreneur, you can’t survive the damming economy.

Don’t be deceived and don’t let anybody lie to you about entrepreneurship. You don’t need to start a business to survive this clumsy economy. All you need to be is to be enterprising even as a clerk or store manager.

Shockingly, over 67% people across the globe don’t want to start their own business, why? They are damnly scared they will fail. They are afraid to loose money and take risk. You know what, that is not the problem because it is just fine to be afraid, nothing big deal but…

What are they now doing in the office?

The only thing they want as an employee is just the pay, the job doesn’t necessarily interest them but they want the bulks. You now ask them what are guys doing on the job? Their response had always being, we Are doing our job. Is that not risky? If you don’t do your job well, you will be fired by your boss, no story!

You got to change your mindset to win…

As an employee, you can be an entrepreneur. How?

1. Taking self initiative
2. Embrace Creativity
3. Being Innovative
4. Problems-solver
5. Business oriented
6. Financial acumen
7. Communication skills
8. KISS (Keep it simple and short) ability: This is applicable mostly in your presentation, meetings, representation and marketing
9. Presentation skills
10. ICT skill: no matter what, go and acquire at least basic computing knowledge

Come on, if you are working in an organization and you don’t have these attributes, you won’t last longer on the job. Times are changing, you must change too.

It is not about sacking your boss to startup, no! It is all about go getting required skills to possess the traits and qualities of an entrepreneur to make you last on the job, contribute meaningfully and values to your employer success, and you also shall grow…

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