Time Freedom is The New Wealth

Nothing feels much better than having enough wealth to take care of your needs and still have time for yourself. Many people are slave when it comes to time because they spend almost 12hours of their time at their workplace and devote none to themselves and their family. When they finally get home at night, they are exhausted and ready to jump on the bed.

Life is too short for anyone not to have time for himself, his family, to take some adventures and try something new. While many don’t realized this, they continue in that circle till they retire. There is nothing wrong working and earning good amount of money as this category of people but what they lack is Time Freedom.

What’s Time Freedom?
The freedom you have to decide what you want to do with your time. In other words, you are the one that decide when to go on vacation or round-the-world trips, for how long you want, how much time you want to spend with your partner or loved ones. Time Freedom makes you have less routine, restrictions and more flexibility.

Have you ever imagine that those 24hours in a day all belongs to you. And no one tells you how much time to devote to a particular task. Do you know you can have 100% control of your time? Yes, it is possible! You’re the only one deciding. Most people in Nigeria today do not own minimum of 10hours because they think it is not possible.

Don’t you have to work?
“If I’m to have enough time freedom then I have to quit my job or stop working”, —you think. No! I’m not telling you to quit your job or stop working to that you might have freedom of time. My point is that apart from financial freedom, one should have time freedom. A kind of freedom that provides financial security, location independence, and personal fulfillment – but unfortunately, it seem nearly impossible, at least to many people.

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Having Time Freedom is not a one way traffic. You can use your knowledge and skills to running a small or mobile business that can make you show up at any place, anytime. You will be financially independent and will not be drain with work.

Small Business you can start to gain Time Freedom
1. Writing: There are many blogs and websites today where you can make awesome money by freelancing. Websites such as upwork and freelancing.com allow you to create a profile for yourself and get clients to write for.

2. Digital Marketing: Most people especially young folks don’t know a better way to use their Social Media Space than for mere fun. Apart from using your Social Media Space for marketing which is just an aspect of Digital Marketing, you can market for some organizations through affiliate program. Website like Jumia and Konga run affiliate program that you can take advantage of to make money.

3. Teaching Music/Musical Instrument: If you are skilled with one or more musical instruments, you can teach people and earn money. You can hold a local training classes in your area and even include home training. You can also make video tutorial and upload them on YouTube to make money online.

4. Web/App Design: Through it requires a little skilled effort but with the fast stir to technological lifestyle, designing web or app is a reliable source of income and can make you a fortune. Even if you don’t have the skill, you can learn it and start using it. You can check website like W3schools or app like edX to learn the skill.

5. Event Planning: If you know you have the ability to keep things organized and in order, you might consider event planning. From planning corporate events to parties and bar, an event planning offers plenty of pay.

You can do any business you love but the point here is that it shouldn’t take all your time. There are plenty of offers that claims to provide you with the opportunity to make thousands in a week and still gives you the freedom of time. Don’t be a slave to time.

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