How to Earn Your First $5,000 to Fund Your Idea

How to Earn Your First $5,000 to Fund Your Idea

I guess there is a smile on your face to hear that you can get a $5,000 Seed Capital to fund your Startup. It’s a wonderful thing to hear as your hope about kick starting your business might have been fading away.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I understand what it feels like to yearn for a lifeline, to hope for a ‘big break’, to look forward to enjoying some luck.”
– Tony O. Elumelu (CON)

Have you ever heard about the Africa’s largest business incubator before?

That’s TEF. Established in the year 2010, The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading philanthropy in Africa. And Thousands of African Entrepreneurs like you who have business ideas has been provided with trainings, mentoring, funding and network access to catalyze growth in Africa and its entrepreneurs.

Annually, The Foundation has the commitment to identify, train, mentor and fund 10,000 entrepreneurs. In this Programme, you have the chance to receive $5,000 seed capital to start your Business idea.

In addition to that, they also provide you with Enterprise Toolkits to launch and run your business at early growth stage; with world-class mentors both in Africa and Internationally; with materials, videos, articles and case studies; with dedicated annual forum that brings together key persons in the African and global entrepreneurial eco-system.

With this programme in its 4cycle, which over 40,000 startups and entrepreneurs across Africa in different business fields ranging from agribusiness, fashion, ICT, manufacturing and production to young ventures in the media, training, social enterprise, education, processing, logistics and service sectors have immensely benefited knowledge and funding wise. You can be one of the 1,000 next lucky budding entrepreneurs to be trained, mentored, and be capable of changing the face of business across Africa.

Is this a lottery or gateway to Startups?

This is not a lottery, it is your real visa to getting your innovative ideas and disruptive startups get funded. Just any business can be funded if it is strategically tailored to meet consumers needs, earn tractions and scale. In applying for Tony Elumelu Foundation Grants, it is essential that your idea or startup must project growth, socioeconomic and scalability actionable templates or business plan.

You can leverage on posts and articles and our social media to learn extensively how to strategically position yourself, team and startup brands to be innovative, disruptive and irresistible to get funding.

Funding Eligibility

1. Your Startup must be based in Africa.
2. Your Startup must be for profit.
3. Your Startup must not be more than 3years old.
4. You must be at least 18 and legal resident or citizen of an African Country.

Follow posts here to get yourself and startup idea prepared and well positioned for the next edition of the funding. If you want to be among the lucky 1,000 in 2019, hurry to get a slot of my mentorship and huge impacts by joining my Insider Millionaire Network.

Speaker Bankole who is the founder and CEO of Agromarketplace Nigeria Limited, and was once a beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Grants and seed capital, I have also from there over the years mentored over 10 individuals who has won the grants award. Don’t waste ample time in accessing precious opportunities like this. Get yourself ready!

Click here to apply while the opportunity lasts.

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