5 Most Valuable Lessons Africa Emerging Startups Should Learn From Apple Trillion Dollars Startup

5 Most Valuable Lessons Africa Emerging Startups Should Learn From Apple Trillion Dollars Startup


It’s no more news that Apple became the first U.S. Company to worth a trillion dollars. Closing the Stock last week Thursday, Apple cross the finish line to the race to $1 trillion.

Who could have thought a company that has lost more than a billion dollars and was within 90days of insolvency; can rise to be the first in history of U.S. to attain a trillion dollars valuation. In spite of this and with a open observation, I have listed 5 most valuable lessons you can learn as an emerging Entrepreneur or Startup in Africa.


1. The Steve Jobs’ Question

When Steve Job returned to Apple Inc. in 1997, at the time when the company was at the edge of bankruptcy. To restore and set the path for Apple, Job slashed 70% of Apple Product because they didn’t suit his question. The question which is “Who is Apple, and Where do we fit in the World?”

As an emerging Startups, it is advisable to answer this question individually and collectively. Think of it; Who is your Company? What is your Purpose? Your Uniqueness? These questions, as simple as they are, can set your startup core value, vision and focus which is part of what make people believe in Apple and their Products.


2. Be Creative and Unique like Apple

There are many companies that are into hardware business but Apple uniqueness path way for the company to be the first to worth a trillion dollars. Apart from creating their hardware to be much more different from others, they were creative about making decisions on their products.

I want to believe you know Apple uses a different Operating System for their Laptops, IPhone and even IPod. It makes them dominant the market with their price and no contest to that. There are different process to arrive at a particular solution. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be creative.

3. Carry your Employees Along

Another secret of Apple’s Incredible turnaround was the ability of Jobs to carry everyone along and get them motivated behind the vision. When he returned to Apple in 1997, he often hold a brief meeting of a small group of employees where he usually deliver an intense message to them.

The passion he showed and the question he raised inspire his team is dig their way out of the hole. In addition, the company was able to run on the same vision and succeed more even after the death of Steve Jobs.


4. Do the Necessary

When you talk about Apple Inc, you are talking about Steve Jobs. So, don’t be surprised to be reading many things about the Founder, Steve Jobs. The key points is not just that Jobs was a unique and gifted entrepreneur but also, he was free to do what he thought is necessary. Jobs took full responsibility to assess situations and fix them.

For your Startup to be successful, you need to take charge, assume total responsibility, be committed, be focus, decide what to do and do it.


5. Don’t Give Up Easily

Apple will have been sold in 1997 due to a massive failure dubbed Lisa. Lisa is a pre-MAC Computer and only a couple thousand Lisa unit were sold which make the company lost billions that year.

Despite that, the founder and investors didn’t give up on Apple because if it has be so, Apple will have been sold. You might have experienced a failure in your business, don’t give up way to early because of that. Think and Act like an Entrepreneur.


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