How to Strategically Position Yourself for Silicon Valley Funding as Nigeria Startup

One of the biggest hurdles in Business is raising early-stage Venture Capital Money especially in a country like Nigeria but the Good News is that you surely can get funding from Silicon Valley if you strategically position yourself and your Startup.

With the hope that there might be improvement in Nigerian Business – especially technology to entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders as The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo visited Silicon Valley in San Francisco, U.S. to lead the Nigeria’s roadshow last mouth. The visit which is primarily for the purpose of attracting investments in Nigeria’s Tech Space.

Some leading Nigerian Startups make pitches about their ideas and products so as to promote investment by U.S. companies in Nigeria’s technology and creativity sector. The Vice President also inaugurated the Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity to boost effort in industrial policies and competitiveness for the country, this is a very good news to entrepreneurs in Nigeria and even Africa.



But if you might ask me, there are few strategical steps I want to highlight to you to make you position yourself for receiving funds Silicon Valley.
1. Get on The Team: Even if you have zero experience, don’t fear. All you have to do is get on the team, put yourself in an environment where you can get expose to good deals and successful entrepreneur. There is a network of 30 millionaire entrepreneurs that you can join, you’ll be exposed, informed, mentored and be part of the team. You can check the details here.

2. Get a Mentor: among the people you have meet in this path, you can as well have an entrepreneur to be your mentor, coach or counselor. Find people who have experience and wisdom of the kind of thing you are trying to do and let them to coach to you.

3. Know What’s Necessary: How do Venture deals work? What is the real valuation? You’re a startup with no prior experience in venture world, so you might not go to venture inventor with high valuation. Know the rules of the game.

4. Identify Investors: There are many investors in Silicon Valley and other part of the world with interest in different industries and aspects. You should identify investors carefully and don’t just send around plan to every investors you find on the list. You can check this collated “100+ Investors list”.


Successful Entrepreneur tend to be driven with passion, energy, the ability to think on the fly and make things happen. Remember, it is a 24/7 job.


Download a Complied list of 100+ Investors that you pitch to access funds faster, with a guide on how to prepare yourself and your pitch. Click here to download. 

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