How to Position Your Skills in The Digital Space/Ecosystem


I have experienced a big shift in the business world today and traditional way of business and employment have been altered due to the use of technology; this is why I wrote this article to teach you how you can place your skills/handwork in digital space/ecosystem for profitability.

To break this down, you might one or more skills/handwork such as Graphics Designing, Photography, Make Up-ing, Writing, Fashion Designing, marketing skill or Web/App Developing. And yours might not even be listed here, but the main purpose of this article is that how can you make money with those skills without even having a space like shop/store.


Create Internet Presence

Before you get confused, Digital Space is the space created with the Internet. And within this space, you can develop platforms that other people can use and interact with other things people have developed. However, We are not developing a platform this time but we want to make use of the platforms are already created by some people to make money with our skills.

Many of us use some of this platform everyday but our presence is not felt there, you have friends on facebook, followers on twitter and instagram; meanwhile, there people don’t know what you sell or what you do. No presence!

Making money with your skill/handwork without necessarily having a space like shop is very possible in this century and very easy. I’m going to list some platforms you can take advantage of to make money using your skill but before that I want to tell you that your integrity and ability matter. Don’t accept a task you can’t perform or delay a job, interact with your customers as if they are present there physically. Having said that, let’s dive into the business of the day.


Use Social Media

Social Media is a powerful platform to make money with your skill, you’ll get customers through your friends and followers on different social media platforms. But like early, knowing what you do or sell is the first thing. If you are on facebook and your friends don’t know you have a skill or you do a kind of work then you don’t have a presence, you are not known for anything.

While Social Media is one of the most easily way to make money is because you already have some people who trust you before, people who can recommend you to the friends in your list. So, all that is left at your end is to pitch/advertise to them.

Create a Professional Profile

There are some websites that allows you to create your work profile. Just like facebook, you create your profile on these websites to get job and get paid.

It is very simple, just like creating your CV. You’ll put the skills you have or the service you can render on your profile, the amount you’ll like to be pay and anyone that needs such service will contact you. You get the job done and you get paid for it. Simple!

List of Websites You Can Visit
1. Upwork
There are over 1.5 million clients, Upwork offers something for every type of skill. It accommodates both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work and expert-level and entry-level engagements. Regardless of where you are in your career, Upwork is likely to have something for you.

2. Freelancer
Unlike most other platforms, in addition to offering millions of projects, Freelancer allows you to compete with other users in contests to prove your skills. If you’re competitive and confident in your expertise, it’s a great way to showcase your abilities and attract more clients.

3. Hireman
As the name sounds, Hireman is a digital solution to the problems of reaching reliable worldclass & affordable: Engineers, Technicians, Artisans, Suppliers, Buy or Lease Equipments. Download HireMan app from playstore for your mobile gadgets. You can join as a professional if you meet up with the requirements.

4. Linkedin
LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. it is a space you can use for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and as a job seekers by posting your CVs.

5. Peopleperhour
This is a great platform, focusing on freelancing for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc.,
peopleperhour is definitely worth checking out.

6. Project4hire
With hundreds of project categories, Project4hire makes it easy to identify jobs that suit your skillset, without scanning through large volumes of posts. It’s great for coders, consultants, designers and more.

Whether you’re a programmer, designer, expert, college student or something in between, there’s a freelance platform out there for you. Check out the sites above to get started today!

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