OLALEKAN, Bankole Emmanuel popularly known as Speaker Bankole clearly understood that dabbling into business and entrepreneurship in Africa might be one of the toughest decision he might be making in his lifetime.
I was frightened to tell you the least. I didn’t know how the principle of entrepreneurship works despite coming from a business background. I got perplexed at a point in my life, telling myself that I might be doing the wrong thing.
Nobody to guide me except for my courage to savor lots of information. I took up the challenge; I digested hundreds of books and millions of written words on entrepreneurship, leadership, success motivations and that was all I needed to succeed.
Doing what I love doing (building startups from scratch, travelling, writing and teaching others to create wealth and leveraging) has got me lots of accolades in my home country and outside. I have been featured and interviewed in tens of reputable magazines, Television and Radio like business insider, Forbes, Channels, African Independent Television, TVC, and lots of high-profiled local and international online journals and blogs.
My business models have been taught in high schools. Over 5,000 people have heard me speaking and learned from my teachings and mentoring. This excites me. I want to do more. That is why I am reaching out to you to show you how to dream big and create wealth.
The only reason I choose what I choose and do what I do is that I never wanted to spend the next 35years of my life doing what I hate doing. I hate working on a job that only pay me without valuing my skills, thoughts and ideas. I wanted a path that will gives me freedom, my time and I will still make more money and LEVERAGE (which this blog is strictly carved at) that will strategically positioned me to empower millions of Africans. I wanted to help Africans create jobs, get skills and build wealth. And by God grace, I live and manifest these thoughts and ideals.
My experience spans from learning from hundreds of successful people, leaning on great mentors’ chests- like Strive masiyiwa, Tony Elumelu, Sunny Ojeagbese, Enoch Adejare Adegboye, Aliko Dangote, Warren Buffet and many more I will be referring to in some of my articles on this blog.
I have come to understand that life gives you back in multiple folds what you have learned. I assembled young and inspirational team to start www.speakerbankole.com.ng to teach you an experience you can leverage on to make you achieve your dreams faster most especially your financial dreams.
I have founded Startups and executed projects from the scratch. I have built robust and rich networks from zero-networks. I have made money without having any money. I have taught thousands of people how to turn their passion to profits and create wealth leveraging. It is easier to make it effortlessly when you understand the power of leverage. Reading and Doing what I write here on this blog will be one of the best thing to happen to you.
I want to make you rich. Let us take this journey together and I know you will never regret every step.
Let us get started- we win together…