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Do you care being an entrepreneur?No! I hate being an entrepreneur; I just want a side business or income source that can make extra bucks for me daily, weekly or monthlyEither, You are here somehow now to get the gist or follow the trend of making a living different from your normal crazy job. Trust me, the regular job can be crazy most especially in a city like Lagos, Nigeria.4a.m, you are off the bed, 5a.m, you are on the road either driving yourself or sitting inside the bus with strangers just for you to beat the traffic of the day,6.30a.m, you are in your office, against the normal 8 or 9 am you ought to get to the office. You just got to leave home earlier to beat the traffic, You are now sited in your office still feeling sleepy, clumsy or staring at the four walls of your office trying to get yourself ready for the day’s workDoes this looks like your daily routine?Yes! You screamed, but…. I’m fed up. I feel like quitting the job or getting another job offer,Don’t feel it. It doesn’t look better out there either.The outside is crazier. I have heard bankers, stock brokers, estate developers and managers of industries screaming and struggling to get a new job. Their madness, my job is hectic.What the heck? Any easier job out there, Don’t even try looking for an easy way out thinking you got some cash and you want to quit your job to dabble into your own business, you will regret doing so if you are not just prepared… The Good News,Today, it is worst. Jobs are not easy to come by. Millions of graduates are losing their paid jobs. Millions are still unemployed. Government couldn’t afford further pay rise. They are still complaining the fuzz of the bad economy and recession aftermath.What then is the good news? You need more than just a business or being an entrepreneur. You need to build a portfolio. You need leverage!The competition out here is fierce. Things are moving very faster. Businesses are closing down. Ideas are getting outdated.Smart guys are breaking the Carmel backs. Technology is making young dudes get easy money in saner and supporting clans. Families are breaking apart because everyone is chasing one crazy thing; MONEY. You join the bandwagon, you lose out. The race is neither for the fastest nor the slowest. You are too fast to make money today, you might lose all. If you tell yourself; let me hold-on and be a laggard, you are outrun.I am confused! Don’t ever be; All you need is the power of LEVERAGE.WELCOME to, a hub designed to help you get all you needed to start, grow and succeed in your idea of making money (more money), starting or building an enterprise, becoming an investor and changing your world by creating more jobs.If you look forward to becoming an entrepreneur, investor, business owner or you just want to change your life from the “ordinary” to “value or wealth creator,” you need to read, digest and do every single piece I put here. I got an assignment for U;The only assignment I have for you is for you to do a monthly check-up on your money.If you aren’t making more money or improving on your existing cashflow, just do one thingShut down this platform, not just for you. Here, you must learn an act, principle, business idea, strategy, tactics, network, platform or portfolio to keep improving your money and financial status.You must pick yourself up, leverage on a thing here and be damn rich in 110days!

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